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Welcome all to Gods Awakening Wiki

This project/world started when I was 12 years old and have been expanding the story as a book of sorts of which I wanted to have many stories entwine within to build an epic adventure of many stories existing in a universe of a greater tale.

I may reference other worlds or even Gods in my narrative, depending how the campaign goes you to could also end up fighting or saving these other worlds in order to awaken as gods.

The overall story of this universe is that the ruler of Gods in their haven above all has passed away. Leading to an up-rise for the thrown and change the universe as we know it into their own image.

This is no easy task however, as Gods can not kill each other. Their was a plan created dividing the Gods into a war of good vs evil. This plan was to place their power into others across the universe to be able to fight and claim the keys to awaken in the haven and enable the winner to claim the thrown for his God.

Sad part of this tale is that those chosen to be the pawn have no idea of what’s to come or what is happening to them. This is where our story begins and leads our heroes off into the world to “Gods Awakening”.

Main Page

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